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Guidelines and Orders
Government Of India
1. CAMPA-Gazette Notification Dt.23-04-2004
2. Green India - State Level CAMPA Dt.28-04-2009
3. Guidelines On State CAMPA Dt.02-07-2009
4. National CAMPA Advisory Council Dt.13-08-2009
5. Core Group-Use Of ICT In Forestry Dt.18-09-2009
6. Utilization Of Net Present Value(NPV) Dt.24-02-2010

7. Draft Compensatory Afforestation Fund Rules, 2017

Govt. Of Maharashtra
1. Constitution Of Steering Committee And Executive Committee Dt. 25.09.2009
2. State CAMPA Accounts And Funds Utilization Dt. 04.01.2010
2-A. Constitution Of Governing Committee  Dt. 29.01.2010
3. CAMPA Funds Release Dt.20-04-2011
4. Appointment Of Member Secretary Dt.17.03.2012
5. Corrigendum to GR Dt.04.01.2012-read Project Completion....Dt.17.03.2012
6. Modification to GR Dt.04.01.2010-Due To Upgradation Of Post to APCCF Dt.17.03.2012
7. Reconstitution Of Steering Committee And Executive Committee Dt. 09.09.2014
8. Cancelation of appointment of representative of Non-Government Organization as member of Steering Committee And Executive Committee Dt. 08.12.2014
 9. Reconstitution Of Steering Committee And Executive Committee Dt. 20.08.2015
1. CAF Act. 2016 GOI Gazette Dt. 03.08.2016
2. CAF Rules 2018 GOI Gazette Dt. 10.08.2018
3. Notificartion Dt. 13.08.2018 declared date for enforcement of the Act. 
4. Accounting Procedure GOI Gazette Dt. 20.11.2018