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Fund Management and Utilization
Letters From Govt. Of India
Release Of First Instalment APO 2013-14
Release of Funds by GOI for APO 2014-15
Funds Management
Broad Parameters Pertaining To Fund Flow Mechanism & Financial Procedure
Fund Distribution Under CAMPA For 2010-11
Balance Funds (20%) released on 19-10-11 for 2010-11
Funds released for 2011-12 on 19-10-11
Financial achievement upto June-2011
Financial achievement upto Sept-2011
Grants For VED 11-12
APO 11-12 : Expenditure till June 2012
APO 2010-11 SUMMARY OF EXPENDITURE As on 31-3-2012
A.P.O.2012-13 Provision for Various Components Of Works, Funds released against them & Expenditure
Funds Distributed on 21-5-2013
Distributi​on APO 13-14 (Limited to Rs 78 crores)
Final Expenditur​e 12-13
Summary 13-14 APO Up to December 2013
APO 2014-15 -- Letter and Formats of Final Report

Funds Received from Ad-Hoc CAMPA to State CAMPA