Sr No. Subject Date File
1 Guidline for diversion of forest land for non forest purposes under the FCA 1980 submission of proposals to obtain approval for diversion of entire forest land located within a mining lease 30/11/2016

2 Guidline regarding prior approval of central government under the forest conservation act 1980 for all original documents of the all proposal with ink signature and stamp with relevant officer re. 17/11/2016

3 Diversion of forest land for non forest purpose under the FCA act 1980 Guideline regarding extension of period of validity of approvals accorded under the FCA 1980 for diversion of forest land for mining of Atomic Minerals 23/02/2017

4 Guidlines for filling online form for seeking permission for grant of forest land on lease under section 2 iii of Forest conservation act 1980 17/11/2016

5 diversion of forest land for non forestry purpose under forest conservation act 1980 Guidlines for construction of community toilet for the benefit of the people 08/11/2016

6 Guidelines for felling permission of trees in EcoSensitive Zone of protected Areas regarding 29/09/2016

7 Guidelines for diversion of forest land for non-Forestry purposes under the Forest (Conservation) Act-1980 guidelines related to general approval for underground laying of optical fibre cables, underground laying of telephone lines and underground laying of dr 21/11/2005

8 Guidelines for diversion of forest land for non forestry purposes under FCA 1980 - Clarification regarding utilization of funds received from the user agency for Compensatory Afforestation and other works 13/04/2006

9 Exemption from payment of NPV for relocation of village from National Park Sanctuaries -reg. 10/05/2006

10 Imposition of additional conditions by the State Government in respect of diversion of forest land granted by Central Government under FCA 1980 01/06/2006

11 Plantation of Jatropha on forest stand clarification under the Forest (Conservation) Act,1980- regarding 24/07/2006

12 Recovery of NPV of the forest land diverted under FCA 1980 in compliance of the order dated 15th September 2006 of Honble Supreme Court of India 03/10/2006

13 Guidelines for preparation of projects to obtain prior approval of the Central Government under the Forest (Conservation) Act,1980 for diversion of forest land for construction of roads passing through a number of Diversion Districts/States 06/10/2006

14 Guidelines of diversion of forest land under the forest (Conservation) Act,1980 for establishment of Wind Power Projects maximum allowable base area for installing individual Wind Met-mast-modification regarding 22/06/2007

15 Diversion of Private forest land restored after 1980 under section 22 A of Maharashtra private forest act 1975 for construction of Farm House, Internal Road Residential Complex etc. 30/08/2007

16 Payment of NPV for underground Mining 19/09/2007

17 Land requirement for wind energy generation 12/10/2007

18 Applicability of Forest (Conservation) Act,1980 for activities that are necessary for ex-situ conservation of wild animals including upkeep and management of animals through zoological parks/Zoos/Biological Parks over forest land 13/11/2007

19 Clarification regarding consideration of areas under Zudpi Jungle/Chote Bade Jhad ka Jungle, etc. and non-availability of non- forest land for the purpose of Compensatory Afforestation 28/12/2007

20 Guidelines for diversion of forest land for non-forestry purposes under Forest (Conservation) Act,1980- designating an authority to approve the mining plan in respect of minor and major minerals 17/01/2008