Sr No. Important Circulars Date File
1 Submission of Site Inspection Report (S.I.T) alongwith proposals for diversion of forest land for non forest user under FCA, 1980 -

2 Laying of National Optical Fiber Network to provide broadband, internet connectivity to Gram Panchayats in Maharashtra State. -

3 Working permisssion for felling of trees and diversion of forest land for execution of linear project -

4 Open meeting to expedite proposals received under FCA,1980 -

5 Regarding disposal of pending complaints received by Maharashtra State Forest Department -

6 Submission of compliance report for the proposals approved in principle under FCA, 1980. -

7 Submission of checklist alongwith the proposal under FCA, 1980. -

8 Redgaring details of non forest land and Certificate that Private Forest and Identified Forest is not included under the project. -

9 Directions to expedite proposal recieved under Forest (Conservation) Act, 1980. -

10 Providing BroadBand connectivity to Grampanchayts in Maharashtra through OFC cable line by Bharat Broadband Network Ltd. -

11 To give priority for private lands recived as compensatory afforestation land from user agnencies situated in National Parks, Wildlife Sancturies and PAs. -

12 Compliance of conditions stipulated by Government of India while granting in-principal approval to the proposals under Forest (Conservation) Act, 1980. -

13 Procedure for Submission of proposals under FCA -1980 for which remarks of Chief WIldlife Warden and NBWL Clearance is required -

14 Regarding Minimium demand certificate -

15 Violation Report and No-Violation Certificate -