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Tadoba National Park , Chandrapur.

Tadoba - Andhari national park and project tiger reserve
Location: Tadoba national Park (116.55 Sq. Kms.) - Andhari wildlife sanctuary(508.85 Sq. Kms.) together form the Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve (625.40 Sq. Kms.). The National Park derives its name from the local tribal God "Taru", whereas the Andhari river flowing through the forests gives the Sanctuary, its name..
The land vegetation is typical Tropical Dry deciduous type having Teak as dominant species. Some of the major tree species found within the protected area are Teak, Ain, Arjun, Behada, Bija, Bhera, Bor, Bel, Chichwa, Dhawada, Kusum, Mahua, Mowai, Phetra, Rohan, Salai, Semal, Shisham, Sisoo, Shivan, Surya, Sirus, Tendu.

Although the major attraction is the Tiger, the large herds of Chital, the stately Sambar, the elusive Barking Deer, the fleet footed Chausinga, the majestic Gaur, the robust Nilgai, the shy Sloth Bear, the whistling Wild dogs, the omnipresent Wild Boar, and the stealthy Leopard make lasting impressions on the visitors to this Reserve.

As the night falls the Small Indian Civet, the Palm Civet, the Ratel, the Flying squirrel make their presence felt. Hyenas, Wild Boars, Spotted Deer, Barking deer, Gaurs, Blue bulls, Four horned Antelopes, Indian Pangolins, Porcupines and Common Langoors are main wild animals found in this national park.
Tourist Information

Best time to visit: Animals are best sighted in the month from February to May

Nearest Air port: Nagpur ( 155 Kms.)

By Rail: Chandrapur (Delhi-Chennai main line) is the nearest railway station (45 Kms.)

By Road: Chandrapur (45 Kms.) and Chimur (32 Kms.)


Seasonal waterfall
Provision of vehicles: 25 seater minibus ply daily at 10 a.m. for tourists from Chandrapur to Ta@  ?
Provision of Guides: Trained local guides are available at Moharli gate, Navegaon gate and Zari gate at the rate of 60/- per guide. Guides are compulsory, with every vehicle entering in the sanctuary.

A Wildlife Interpretation Center is coming up at Moharli soon.
Other attractions:
Nature Trails in Tadoba / Moharli, the famous Ramdegi Temple,Mahakali Temple and Jain Temple at Bhadravati the Interpretation Centre at Moharli and the Museum at Tadoba, the interpretive signage along the road all have a story to tell about the glorious past, the dynamic present and the promising future that the Tiger Reserve holds for the conservation of its rich biodiversity.

Local Tribal performing show
Five tents facility is available at Tadoba.
Other accommodation are available are

Type Place Suites Reservation authority
Guest House Tadoba 4 Conservator of Forest & Field Director Tadoba& Andhari Tiger Reserve Chandrapur
Rest House Tadoba 2
Chital Rest House Tadoba 2
Holiday Home Tadoba 3
Youth Hostel Tadoba 36 beds
Rest House Kolsa 4