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Navegaon National Park, Gondia.

Navegaon National Park is located in Navegaon, Gondia.

Nature here is wreathed in smiles, with the peerless Navegaon Lake spreading its silvery mirror neath the mountains over an expanse of 11 sq. km. The crystal-clear sheet of water presents a scene of sparkling loveliness specially on a moon-lit night. The water impounded by the dam at Itiadoh, not far away from Navegaon, would greatly enhance the picturesque beauty around. There is an interesting legend about Navegaon Lake. It is said to have been built by one Kolu Patel Koli at the beginning of the eighteenth century. He is now defined as Kolasur Deo and his shrine is on one of the peaks surrounding the lake. The peaks are known as 'sat bahini' or the 'seven sisters'. It is believed that these deities helped Kolu in building the lake. On the fringe of the lake is an idol of Hanuman, the deity of strength, whose feet are said to go below the embankment.
The forest is typical "Southern mixed dry deciduous forest". The main species are Teak, Haldu, Jamun, Kawat, Mahua, Ain, Bhel and Bhor etc. Fauna: Tigers, Panthers, Bisons, Sambars, Nilgais, Chitals, Wild boars, Sloth bears, and Wild dogs are main wild life species in this national park .

Forest Area
Tourist Information

Best time to visit: April to May

Entry timings: Between sunrise to sun set. During the rest hrs. entry in the national park is strictly prohibited.

Nearest Airport: Nagpur (150 Kms.)
By Rail: Deulgaon on Chandrapur-Gondia Railway line is the nearest railway station (2 kms.)
By Road: Navegaon (10 Kms.) is the closest town.


Type No. of suites Reservation authority
Log hut Rest House 2 (4 beds) D.C.F., Wildlife, Gondia.
Holiday homes Rest House 8 (16 beds) D.C.F., Wildlife, Gondia.
Sanjay Kuti Rest Houses 2 (4 beds) D.C.F., Wildlife, Gondia.
Youth Hostel 28 beds D.C.F., Wildlife, Gondia.
Tents 15 D.C.F., Wildlife, Gondia