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तपासणी नाके   लाकूड कापण्याचा कारखाना   बीट्स
Forest and Wildlife Protection – Ever increasing challenges The pressure on forestlands and also on forest goods such as Timber, Firewood, Fodder, Non-Wood Forest Products etc has increased many fold due to factors such as increasing human and livestock population, infrastructure developmental activities like the expanding road, rail and canal networks, building of irrigation dams etc. and the growing consumption among the rich. The ever-increasing value for wildlife products such as Skin, Bones, Meat etc have put tremendous pressure on the wildlife resources of the country, which are constantly threatened by poaching, poisoning, illegal trade etc.

Forest Protection Details In Marathi.pdf

Fire information 2018 .pdf

Renewal Sawmill Booklet_2018 

Important Goverment Resolutions, Notifications and Circulars Regarding Sawmills

Govt.Noti.Circular & Letter (For Sawmill)
1_8_1982 Govt Gazzate (For Sawmill)
1_10_1990 Govt_ Letter (For Sawmill)
3_2_1986 Govt_ Letter (For Sawmill)
3_11_2003 Govt_ Gazzate (For Sawmil)
06_05_2010 Notification (For Sawmill)
6_11_1998 Govt_ Gazzate (For Sawmill- 10 Yeat Renew at a time)
6_11_2001 Govt_ Gazzate (For Sawmill- Licence Transfer)
7_6_2001 Govt_ Gazzate (For Sawmill- Licence Renwal Fee)
7_7_1983 Govt_ Circular (For Sawmill)
8_7_1982 Govt_ Notification (For Sawmill)
8_11_1989 Govt_ Circular (For Sawmill)
09_09_10 Notification (For Sawmill)
11_1_2005 Govt_ Letter (For Sawmill)
12_1_2005 Govt_ Letter (For Sawmill)
13_1_2000 Govt_ Letter(For Sawmill)
14_7_1992 Govt_ Notification (For Sawmill)
15_3_2003 Govt_ Gazzate (For Sawmill)
15_3_2003 Govt_ Notification (For Sawmill)
16_6_1993 Govt_ Gazzate (For Sawmill)
16_07_10 Notification (For Sawmill)
16_7_1981 Govt_ Notification (For New Sawmill permission)
17_5_1985 Govt Notification (For Sawmill)
17_5_1985 Govt_ Gazzate (For Sawmill)
17_12_1986 Govt_ Order (For Sawmill)
18_8_1984 Govt Gazzate (For Sawmill)
19_8_1981 Govt Gazzate (For Sawmill)
19_9_1994 Govt_ Letter (For Sawmill)
19_11_1981 Govt_ Letter (For Sawmill)
20_3_2003 Govt_ Letter (For Sawmill)
20_9_1982 Govt_ Circular (Sawmill)
22_1_1986 Govt Gazzate (For Sawmill)
22_1_1986 Govt_ Notification (For Sawmill) 
22_2_1984 Govt_ Circular (For Sawmill)
22_7_1997 Govt_ Gazzate (For Sawmill- Renewal Fee)
22_9_1999 Govt_ Notificaiton (For Sawmill)
23_6_2006 Govt_ Letter (For Sawmill)
26_10_1981 Govt_ Circular (For Sawmill)
28_8_1991 Govt_ Gazzate (For Sawmill)
28_8_1991 Govt_ Notification (For Sawmill)
29_8_1981 Govt_ Letter (For Sawmill) 
30_6_1983 Govt Notification (For Sawmill)
31_10_1981 Govt_ Circular (For Sawmill)
licensed sawmills (Lic.SM List 20.02.1997)

Amaravati (Lic_SM List 20_02_1997).pdf
Aurangabad (Lic_SM List 20_02_1997)
Chandrapur (Lic_SM List 20_02_1997)
Dhule (Lic_SM List 20_02_1997)
index (Lic_SM List 20_02_1997)
Nashik (Lic_SM List 20_02_1997)
Pune (Lic_SM List 20_02_1997)
S_ Chandrapur (Lic_SM List 20_02_1997)
Thane (Lic_SM List 20_02_1997)
Yeotmal (Lic_SM List 20_02_1997)
Kolhapur (Lic_SM List 20_02 (1-20)
Kolhapur (Lic_SM List 20_02 (21-44)
Kolhapur (Lic_SM List 20_02 (45-69)
Nagpur (Lic_SM List 20_02_(1-25)
Nagpur (Lic_SM List 20_02 (26-53)

SC & High Court  order & Affidavit  (For Sawmill)
4-3-97 SC order (For Sawmill)
7_02_2002-W_P_ No_3652-2001 order (For Sawmill)
14_07_2003-CEC order (For Sawmill)
15-3-95 (affidavit submited in SC)(For Sawmill)
20-2-97 (affidavit submited in SC)
30_10_2002- CEC order (For Sawmill)
P.C.C.F. (H.o.F.F), M.S. Nagpur office important letters (For Sawmill)
directions for licensed renuwal 25-11-98
instructions for sawmill checking by officials
N_A_ compulsion letter 6-5-13
register for sawmill owner
relocation prapatra 29-1-13
renewation upto 10 years
sawmill license proforma
stamp duty letter 6-5-13

 unlicensed sawmills (Un.Lic.SM List 20.02.1997)
Amaravat (Un_Lic_SM List 20_02_1997)
Aurangabad (Un_Lic_SM List 20_02_1997)
Dhule (Un_Lic_SM List 20_02_1997)
Kolhapur (Un_Lic_SM List 20_02_1997)
Nagpur (Un_Lic_SM List 20_02_1997)
Nashik (Un_Lic_SM List 20_02_1997)
Pune (Un_Lic_SM List 20_02_1997)
S_Chandrapur (Un_Lic_SM List 20_02_1997)
Thane (Un_Lic_SM List 20_02_1997)
Yeotmal (Un_Lic_SM List 20_02_1997)