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Decrease in Forest Fire in 2014-15 in Kolhapur

IT related work done in year 2014-15 in Kolhapur


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Rehab_ of Chital & Sambar in Kolhapur


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Some of the New Programmes launched for Forest Conservation and Eco-Tourism in SGNP



          The basic tasks in the SGNP are Wildlife Conservation & Eco-tourism. The new programmes like use of cycles and other amenities for tourist started in SGNP.

          Keeping in view that to provide vehicles which will keep the atmosphere of SGNP. Without pollution, cycles are available for tourists. The Bicycle are provided to tourist on rental basis. The rent of Bicycle is Rs.20/- / hour. The address proof and ID is taken and security amount of Rs.200/- are taken before giving cycle on rent, one cloth bag is given with the bicycle. The tourist who collects the plastic litter from the park area, Rs.5/- concession is given in the rent amount.

          Taking in to view the active participation of tribal in the Eco-tourism of National Park, it is decided to train the tribal woman to stitch the cloth bags. The raw material to stitch 10,000 cloth bags and sewing machines are procured with the help of ONGC.