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Success Storey of Village Konty , Tah: Khamgaon Dist: Buldhana

Brief information of village KONTY:

This village falls under the jurisdiction of Khamgaon forest range.This Konty village is situated towards 20 kms west of Khamgaon. Total 1058 ha. Area belonging to various govt. Departments is there within the village boundary . Total population of this village is 522 includes 105 families, out of which 16 families are landless. 807.47 ha of ‘C’ class forest land are available within the village boundary of Konty village.
300 ha forest land has been allotted to the Forest Protection Committee for its management and protection. Major lively hood of the villagers is herding sheep, goats, agriculture and labor works.

Management of Government Forest: Buldhana Division

Recent years have seen a number of changes in the management of forests. There is a major shift towards a more decentralized and people oriented forestry. Responding to scarcities, villagers have started organizing themselves to reverse degradation and restore productivity. The result has been a renewal of degraded ecosystems.
The destruction of natural forests for timber, cropland, fuel wood, pasture, urbanization have had an impact on many poor rural families who are dependent on forest resources for fuel, fodder, food, medicine, housing etc. The deterioration of forests has accelerated soil erosion, sedimentation of rivers, tanks, increased flooding, and over- taxed the land’s capacity to regenerate and sustain. It is now being recognized that local communities need to be involved in establishing sustainable forest management systems.
The various initiatives have led to greater access and control of forest resources by local people, in turn resulting in improvement in forest protection and management and reducing pressure on resources. Substantial areas of degraded forests have been taken up for rehabilitation and new plantation in 25 ha. Land has been raised. Local people have started supporting forest conservation where they have been able to reap financial returns from benefit-sharing schemes.

Bamboo Craft training under Central Govt. assisted Scheme

Amravati Circle has widespread presence of bamboo in the richly forested Melghat area. This area has abundant tribal population too. In order to creat a permanent source of livelihood for the local tribal population a novell scheme of training unemployed tribal persons is being implemented in circle with the aim of providing employment oppurtunitly, augmenting their standard of living and preventing migration to outside areas in search of employment.

The proposal for giving bamboo craft training to local tribal population has been approved vide Govt. resoulation Dt. 23rd June 2009. In 2009-10 funds to the tune of Rs. 100.00 lac were received and accourdingly 1000 benificianies were trained.

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