फील्ड कार्यालये


Prior to 1983, forests of chandrapur districts was managed by chandrapur circle, after reorganisation of chandrapur district, new district i.e. Gadchiroli district was formed on dated 26 th August 1982.Chandrapur circle was bifurcated and two circles namelyNorth Chandrapur & South Chandrapur was formed on dated 1stSeptember 1983.Government of maharashtra decided to administrate & manage the entire forest area of the Gadchiroli districtunder one head.The re-organisation of North Chandrapur circle and South Chandrapur circle was done vide G.R. dated 03.03.2010.The newly formed Gadchiroli circle came in to existance from dated 7thmay 2010.



The forests are of the “5A-Southern tropical dry deciduous forests” and “3B-South Indian moist deciduous forests” categories as per the revised classification of forest kind of India by H.G. Champion and S.K. Seth.The forest of Gadchiroli endowed with mainly important species viz.Teak, Bija, Ain, Hirda, Haldu, Shivan, Moha, Salai, Movai, Dhawda, Khair, Tendu etc. tree species found growing luxuriantly.