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‘Nistar’ means the concession granted for removal from forest coupes on payment at stipulated rates, specified forest produce for bonafide domestic use, but not for barter or sale.The Nistar rates are fixed by the forest department for the specified forest produce in consultation with the District Collector. The rates so fixed shall not exceed 50 % of the market rates.

Generally, the following forest produce is distributed as Nistar rates.
(i) Bamboo
(ii) Timber of specified class
(iii)Timber poles
(iv) Firewood

The work of distribution of Nistar in the Maharashtra State with reference to Timber, Timber poles, Firewood is governed by the following Government Resolutions and Circulars:
(i) TRN-1162/20148-Z, dt. 2nd January, 1964
(ii)TRN-1162/20148-Z, dt. 22nd June, 1964
(iii)FCT-1564/2239-Y, dt. 15th January, 1968
(iv)TRN-1168/144695-Z, dt. 20th November, 1968
(v) CCF’s memo No. CCF-33/C/II/237-63.69/20054 of 68-69, dt. 4-1-1969


Nistar Bamboo

Govt.of Maharashtra has made provision to supply 1500 bamboos per family per year to the registered burad / burad craftsmen families. There are about 8000 registered burad families in the Vidarbha region of Maharashtra.
(i) 1095/CR-128/F-9, dt. 30-5-1997
(ii) CCF’s letter No. Desk-16/R-1/burad bamboo/411/97-98, dt. 3-7-1997
(iii)CCF’s letter No.Desk-16/R-1/burad bamboo/society/814/97-98,dt.29-9-1997



Each forest division is a grazing division and is divided into grazing units. The grazing in the forest (whether free or otherwise) should be on permit granted by the forest department. Grazing licenses shall be valid for the grazing unit only and shall cover a period not exceeding one forest year. All licenses shall lapse on the last day i.e the 30th June of the forest year for which they are issued.Essential cattle, subject to a maximum of two plough units per cultivator family should be allowed free grazing in forests. Plough unit shall mean four cattle units computed as given below:

 (a) Adult buffalo  2 units - fees per annum Rs. 2/-
 (b) Adult cow, bull or bullock  1 unit - fees per annum Rs. 1/-
 (c) Buffalo calf under three years of age at the commencement of the grazing year  1 unit - fees per annum Rs. 1/-
 (d) Cow calf (less than 3 years But more than 6 months old)  unit - fees per annum Rs. 0.50

Grazing licenses for free grazing of cattle of cultivator family and others will be issued during the period, 15th June to 31st July only. From August 1st, no grazing licenses for free grazing will be issued.



Govt. has made available same forest areas for sheep grazing, subject to certain conditions, in 21 forest divisions- Buldhana, Wardha, Bhandara, Napery, Gondiya, Aurangabad, Nanded, West Dhule, North Dhule, Sironcha, Alapalli, Central Chanda, Gadchiroli, Wadsa, Chandrapur, Sawanatwadi, Satara, Kolhapur, Akola, Sangli and Pusad on following conditions. The grazing for the sheep in the forest area is permitted between 15th September to 15th May.

(GR No. MFP-2103/CR-135/F-1, dt 06-05-2008)

Grazing in the forests by goats is prohibited altogether.

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