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Transit pass :-


The transit of forest produce is governed by rule 31 of the Maharashtra Forest Rules, 2014. Accordingly, no forest produce shall be moved into, or from, or within any district without a pass from authorized officer. No transit pass is required to transport the forest produce within the limits of the village, town or a city, if the forest produce is not obtained from the notified forest and a prior intimation has been made to concerned Range Forest Officer. Similarly transport of imported timber made by the Port Authorities from Port to Container Freight Station or Inland Container Depot, where the customs clearance is made, is also exempted vide notification dated 20/10/2004. Considering the convenience of the people, Government of Maharashtra has also exempted following produce/species from the purview of transit permission namely,


Vide Notification no.TRS.1090/CR.32/90(ii)/F-6 dt.5/3/1990


Nilgiri (Eucalyptus)

Vide Notification no.TRS.1090/CR.32/90(ii)/F-6 dt.21/6/1990


Babhul (Acacia nilotica)


Subabhul (Leucaena Leucocephala)


Prosopis (Prosopia juliflora)

Vide Notification no.TRS.1095/CR.34/F-6 dt.23rd October 1997


Ashok (Polyalthia longifilia)


Drumstick (Moringa Oleifera)


Sindi (Phoenix Sylvestris)


Orange (Citrusaurantium)


Chiku (Achras Zapota)


Bhendi (Thespesia Populnea)


Acacia (Acacia mangium)


Poplar (Populus)                       

Vide Notification no.TRS.2009/CR.67/F-9 dt.9th August 2012 (Excluding areas of Amravati, Yavatmal, Gadchiroli, Bhandara, Gondia, Chandrapur, nagpur, Thane, Nashik and Raigad)


Dendrocalamus strictus


Bambusa bambose                       

Vide Letter no.Misc-2010/CR.118/F-9 dt.27th September 2012 (Only for Bhandara and Gondia district)


Lac produced in private area

Vide Notification no.S.10/2012/CR.226/F-3 dt.9th April 2013


Suru (Casuarina equisetifolia)

Vide Notification no.TRS.2009/CR.67/F-9 dt.24th June 2014


All Species of Bamboo except Dendrocalamus strictus and Bambusa bambose

Vide Notification no.TRS.303/2015/CR.81/F-6 dt.4th June 2015


Rubberwood (Hevea brasiliensis, Ficus elastica) obtained from Nonforest land


Felling of trees in private lands in State of Maharashtra is regulated by following three acts: -


(a) The Maharashtra Felling of Trees (Regulation) Act 1964:-

This Act and the rules made thereunder are for regulation of felling of trees specified in the Schedule attached with the act for non urban areas. The further details are given here.


b) The Maharashtra (Urban Areas) Preservation of Trees Act, 1975 is for regulating felling of any tree in Urban Area. Felling permission is granted by the "Tree Officer" appointed by the Tree Authority, who is not a Forest Officer but an officer from the local body i.e. Corporation or Municipality. Appeal against the orders of "Tree Officer" lie with the "Tree Authority" which again is a group of persons from the local body headed by the Commissioner of the Corporation or the President of the Council or the Chief Executive Officer of the Special Planning Authority etc as the case may be.


c) The Maharashtra Land Revenue Code, 1966 regulates the felling in the non-forest areas. Permission for felling of trees is granted by the Revenue Officer i.e. Sub Divisional Officer (Dy. Collector). Appellate authority is Collector. 
               So far as, transportation of forest produce is concerned, it is regulated by Forest Department under provisions of Maharashtra Forest Rules 2014 in respect of timber and other forest produce.