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JFM Mahila Bachat Gat 29_06_2010.pdf

JFM Member List

compendium of Internal Audit  
compendium Part I    
compendium Part II   

Internel Audit Letter (Corrigendum) 
Form 1 to 35 

In order to supplement the National Afforestation Programme and maximize coverage of forest fringe villages, it is proposed to take up 1000 villages where Central Government assisted projects under Forest Development Agency are not under implementation. The JFM programme includes preparations of micro plans, formation of Self Help Group’s implementation of entry point activities with social mobilization & soil and moisture conservation activities including water harvesting programme involving active participation of NGOs. So also the JFM programme includes cash prizes to the best JFMCs at state & district level under “Sant Tukaram Yojna”. 30000 Ha. area in new 1000 villages and 7740 Ha. Committed works in 256 old villages will be taken up for JFM activities. Thus total Out lay of Rs. 5325.08 lakhs was proposed under this Schemes for the year 2008-09 but received approval for Rs. 750.98 lakhs including Rs.51.51 Lakhs for "Sant Tukaram Yojana". An outlay of Rs. 40397.65 lakh was proposed for the 11th Five Year Plan. CF JFM

  Prizes distributed under Sant Tukaram Van-gram Yojana from 2006-07 to 2011-12

 Joint Forest Management  Natural Regeneration Guidelines
Joint Forest Management 25_04_2003.pdf

Sant Tukaram Vangram Yojna 23_11_2006(1).pdf

Sant Tukaram Vangram Yojna Revise_1 15_02_2008(1).pdf

Sant Tukaram Vangram Yojna Revise 2 15_05_2008.pdf

JFM_Corrigendem 26_09_2003.pdf

JFM_Taluka_Level_Comittee 27_07_2010.pdf

JFM Circlewise QPR March_2011.pdf
Corrigendum to Guidelines dated 25-10-2013 vide dated 26-12-2013

Instructions  dated  7-12-2013.pdf

Guidelines dated 25-10-2013.pdf

Minutes of meeting dated 24-10-2013 of workshop dated 15-10-2013.pdf

DO_letter dated 21-9-2013.pdf

Number of JFM & Forest Land Allotted for Manegement  Video..

West Melghat(T) division aided NR Plantation

Chikhaldara Navya Nisarg Vata
MREGS Guidelines
Guidelines Dated 16.1.2014

Ahmednager 2010 JFM DATA.xls

alibaug 2010 JFM DATA.xls

Amravati 2010 JFM DATA.xls

Aurangabad 2010 JFM DATA.xls

Aurangabad 2011 JFM DATA.xls

Beed 2010 JFM DATA.xls

chandrapur 2010 JFM DATA.xls

Buldhan 2010 JFM DATA.xls

gondia 2010 JFM DATA.xls

Dhule 2010 JFM DATA.xls

Hingoli 2010 JFM DATA.xls

Jalgaon 2010 JFM DATA.xls

Mewasi 2010 JFM DATA.xls

nagpur 2010 JFM DATA.xls

Nanded 2010 JFM DATA.xls

Nanded 2011 JFM DATA.xls

Nandurbar 2010 JFM DATA.xls

Osmanabad 2010 JFM DATA.xls

Parbhani 2010 JFM DATA.xls

roha 2010 JFM DATA.xls

Sangamner 2011 JFM DATA.xls

Shahpur 2010 JFM DATA.xls

wardha 2010 JFM DATA.xls

Wardha 2011 JFM DATA.xls

Weat nashik 2010 JFM DATA.xls

Yawal 2010 JFM DATA.xls

 *Ecotourism Through JFM Committees*

1. ecotourism -Amzari East Melghat -Division
2. Alibagh Division__Nagaon_ecotourism_CentreJuly2013
3. Shahapur Forest Division_Wafa JFMC ecotourism_ Centre July 2013

*JFM Success Stories*
1.Shahapur_Forest_Division_JFMC Thile, Dahivali & Kulgaon benifits of timber harvesting_July2013
2. Dahanu Division, Thane district -Shisne JFMC july2013
3.Wardha Division_JFMC_managing_Dhaga Mahadev_July 2013
Nagpur Division_JFMC_Yashogatha Nimji
Success Story (2015-16) 
            East Nashik 
1. success story-Yeola range plantation visapur
2.Succsess Story Godune Umberthan Range
             West Nashik 

1.Success story-Khoripada  English