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Forest and Wildlife Protection – Ever increasing challenges The pressure on forestlands and also on forest goods such as Timber, Firewood, Fodder, Non-Wood Forest Products etc has increased many fold due to factors such as increasing human and livestock population, infrastructure developmental activities like the expanding road, rail and canal networks, building of irrigation dams etc. and the growing consumption among the rich. The ever-increasing value for wildlife products such as Skin, Bones, Meat etc have put tremendous pressure on the wildlife resources of the country, which are constantly threatened by poaching, poisoning, illegal trade etc.

Fire Information 2018-19 
 Letter 11.12.2018
 Letter 08.01.2019
 Letter 15.01.2019
 Letter 21.01.2019

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महाराष्‍ट्र राज्‍यात आजमितीस वाहतुक परवान्‍यातून सूट देण्‍यात आलेल्‍या वृक्ष प्रजाती व वनउपजाचा तपशिल